About Us

Studio CouCou is a multi-disciplinary studio established by Jere Salonen in 2012. We operate internationally in the fields of web design, development and customized hosting solutions.

We are currently based in Berlin, Germany and are actively collaborating with individuals and agencies from United Kingdom, Spain and Finland.

Full website under construction.

Email: [email protected].

Our Work

Studio CouCou specializes on hand crafted web applications and websites where everything is fully customized for the client's needs.

We provide a sofisticated solution for content management, that is always built inline with the application itself, forming an easy to use and self-explanatory interface.

In the heart of most applications created in the studio, is the amazing Ruby on Rails framework. Some other modern development tools we have in our magical toolbox are Slim, Git and CoffeeScript etc.

If you feel like we could help you, have some further questions, or just want to say hello, please do get in touch.